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What happened

Originally a RFP for social media, a small team won the account which later expanded to include paid media, experiential, Video, OOH, Brand and more. The mission was simple, build a brand with simple but charming look, and tone of a human being, not a multi-billion dollar telecom corporation.


Brand Guidelines

Static & Motion

Designed by Pentagram, the core brand struck us as playful and fun, but also forward thinking and bold. We expanded the existing brand from the set of emoticons, logo and typeface to include comprehensive explanation on: Voice, Logo, Tagline, Color, Frame, Typography, Underline, Emoticons, Imagery, and Campaign. We also built out a separate microsite to house the brand guidelines digitally aswell as a motion guidelines, detailing how to animate text and the emoticons in a uniform and satisfying manor. Visible was featured on Brand New)

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Grandoozy & Launch

Capturing the right tone paired with a clever arrangement of emoticons or simply a wink, we built a Launch campaign as well as a cobranded music event Grandoozy. Campaign media includes : Paid media, Experiential, Video, OOH.

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password is multipass


Social Media

Organic + Paid + Influencers

App Store

Sim Packaging

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